5 Coping Mechanisms for Dry January

As much as I wish my entire life could consist of blogging about food, I do actually apparently have to develop a career path and be a real adult. In pursuit of this, for the past month or so I’ve have been interning at PHA Media, a PR agency, and so have become well versed in the struggles of ‘Dry January’ currently plaguing offices around the country. As a part of PHA’s Winter Wellness initiative, we’re all desperately trying to be ‘healthy’ and abandon drinking and anything else fun, for the coming month. I wrote the below for their blog and felt I may as well publish it here also. So for anyone in need of this advice, good luck!

  1. Stock up on suitable (life-saving) alternatives; a whole month without that sweet sweet sensation of drinking your favourite Shiraz…that’s completely impossible, right? Thankfully an innovation in drinking may finally have been uncovered. Meet: Shiraz without the Hangover (also available in Rose and Chardonnay). Or go even fancier with Thomas &Evans’s botanical blends.

Raise a glass to the City's Sippers with our perfect T&E serve #THOMASANDEVANS #ZEROPROOF

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  1. Rope someone else into it with you: Like going to the gym when you really really don’t want to, it’s always helpful to have someone to hold you accountable, and someone to guilt you into staying on the straight and narrow. Doing stuff you hate is better when you have others suffering with you.

Brooklyn Bridge

3. Treat yo’self: You’re going to be saving a lot of money now that you’ve stopped your rampant near-alcoholism, so why not reward yourself for being a functioning member of society with a little something special. My personal choice would be vast amounts of cheese, but if you’d like to stick to being healthy thing then perhaps a new pair of running trainers would suffice.



  1. Don’t Give Up: Just because you slipped up with a couple of beers on match day doesn’t mean you can quit for the whole month. As with dieting (the other menace of the New Year), one bad day does not undo all the progress you’ve made. Consistency is key, if Matt Damon can spend 564 days (549 Martian Sols) on Mars then you can manage 31 days without your head in the liquor cabinet.


  1. Find a distraction: People say hobbies are a great distraction, I wouldn’t know because my hobbies are strictly limited to drinking red wine, eating lots and complaining about MasterChef (seriously, how can anyone like Greg Wallace?!). But finding something to fill your time is a great way to kick start the new year, and your optimistically healthy habits. I suggest anything from yoga to photography, to learning how to make the perfect soufflé (or chocolate fondant if you’d rather, both are a total faff). Alternatively, there’s always the classic: knitting.



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